Our History


When you do business with Wilcoxson, you aren't just buying a car but becoming part of a family. Wilcoxson Buick Cadillac GMC is a part of the history of Southern Colorado. The roots of the dealership date back to 1912 when the Colorado Motor Car Company opened up in Pueblo, CO, the Steel City of the West.
The Dealership survived the 'Great Flood of 1921' where nearly one third of Pueblo's downtown businesses were lost. This was a tough time for Pueblo. Prior to this Pueblo was known as not only a great steel town, but also 'The Saddle Capital of the West." The Dealership thrived as Pueblo became known as the great Melting Pot. People from all over the world with different nationalities and cultures moved to Pueblo to work in the Steel Mill. Pueblo was known at this time as the most Ethnically Diverse City in Colorado and the West.
In 1945, the Colorado Motor Car Company and Silver City Cadillac purchased the land at 902 N Santa Fe to build a state of the art dealership. They would have to wait four years before they could finally start construction on the building due to material shortages caused by WWII. This was the time that Pueblo started earning its title as 'Home of Hero's'. Pueblo has more Medal of Honor Participants than any other city in the United States. In 1953. President Dwight D. Eisenhower commented, "What is it? Something in the water Pueblo? All you guys turn into Heros."

The dealership opened in 1950 and was the most technologically advanced dealership in town at the time. The Service Department was built in a Horseshoe shape. With this came several individual heating units in the shop to prevent one giant heater going off whenever a door was opened. The brick in front and on side was a material that was thought of at the time to never have to be painted or cleaned. This is also the time that saw the giant landmark Buick-GMC sign placed on the top of the building which has become a staple of the Downtown Pueblo region. At night, the lit up sign can be seen from many historic points around town.

In 1961 Gene Wilcoxson and a partner purchased the dealership and built on the great reputation the dealership had developed in its 50 years of existence. The name was officially changed to Wilcoxson Buick Cadillac GMC in 1967. Gene Wilcoxson even won the Prestigious Dealer of the Year Award.

The next Forty plus years consisted of a way of doing business that has become known as the 'Wilcoxson Way'. Treat every customer not as one sale or one trip to the service department, but rather as a lifetime customer. This goes for Sales and Service. Wilcoxson wants their Patrons to look at them as 'Their Car Place.' A place where they send their friends and family. A place to buy all of their cars. It is not uncommon to find a friend buying a car from Wilcoxson and they are a third or fourth generation Wilcoxson customer.
Relationships like this are only built with hard work and dedication from a dealership with strong roots to their values and their community. As many of the other dealers around town moved from Downtown Pueblo to more expensive dealerships, Wilcoxson stayed true to their roots and remained at the same 902 N Santa Fe location that opened in 1950. While other dealers raised prices to pay for new lands and new buildings, the Historic Wilcoxson location has remained opened to their customer base as symbol of a strong Pueblo. It is what is inside the building that counts and the Historic Wilcoxson Building houses hard working individuals who carry the same Customer First attitude that has kept a dealership going for a century.

Today Gene's son Bill runs the business and can be found most days talking with customers on the showroom floor that he and his father have built decades of relationships with. The building is under upgrades to make our customers more comfortable and keep the Premier Brand Dealership feel that they expect. A new waiting area was built in early 2014 and the showroom floor is next to get major upgrades. The one thing that is constant, the Historic Buick GMC landmark on the top of the buidling. Glowing at night like a beacon to those who are looking for a family treatment with their car buying experience.

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